How Vega Re-Imagines Peer Review and Editorial Workflows

Two of Vega’s uniquely flexible and compatible features include its peer review options and editorial workflows. Vega’s designers and producers have ensured these features hold up to the rigorous processes essential to academic publishing—especially those of online, open-access publications. Peer Review Options It is essential that publishers, editors, and authors can track the peer review … Continue reading How Vega Re-Imagines Peer Review and Editorial Workflows

What Vega Can Do

Vega is an academic publishing system that offers a range of customizable features and workflows to interact with data and multimedia—taking editorial management and academic publishing into the 21st century. With Vega, authors can author, editors can edit, and publishers can publish print-like or multimedia texts of any type. Vega’s most interesting features include the … Continue reading What Vega Can Do

Why Vega is Needed

The Vega project was born out of the academic mission to bridge print and digital scholarly publishing realms. Vega aims to reach scholars across different disciplines and knowledge domains to engage in further building the media-rich possibilities in scholarly, open-access publishing. Resistance against commercial academic publishers is growing due to these corporations’ non-transparent “open-access” author … Continue reading Why Vega is Needed

Why We Need Webtexts

Scholarly publishing has been rapidly changing over the last decade to include online, open-access, and multimedia content. This change has come with the rise of popular publishing and social-media platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. Multimedia-based content is the norm in these venues, but in scholarly publishing only a small portion … Continue reading Why We Need Webtexts