LDAP integration tests

Our regular Vega Github is still doing its thing over at https://github.com/vegapublish, while our webdev, Shannon, is busily working on parsing the original developers’ code and added a few key functionalities before we release a hostable version of the software. We decided to fork the master during this mandatory work-from-home time, and Shannon is working … Continue reading LDAP integration tests


The Vega team created a roadmap development over the next year, which we’re working on making publicly accessible and commentable on github, but in the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of the work we’re anticipating: fix some local installation issues to get Vega ready as a hostable platform fix some multimedia integration (i.e., video embeds) … Continue reading Roadmap

New discoveries!

Every time the Vega team sits down to work on the system, we discover something new about how it works, most of which make us go “oooooh!” in delight. 🙂 This is one of the fun parts of having external developers working closely, but not necessarily side by side with you while a project is … Continue reading New discoveries!